Tell Me Something About Yourself? Best Answer for Jobs Interview

Tell Me Something About Yourself?

Today in India every day lots of applicants have been facing interview process and the first question of the interviewer is Tell Me Something About Yourself? Sometime applier gives a great answer to this question and some applicants will be hesitated and don’t give the right answer to this question and then disqualifying in the interview round so applicants if you are facing this problem, again and again, ready this page and get a help through this or then qualify the round.

The Wrong Response:

There are many ways to give answer to this question correctly but if you choose one wrong way then you are disqualified in the interview round so applicants don’t show you are not prepared for the interview infect you need to develop a good answer to this question, practice it and be able to deliver it with politely way and confidence.

The Right Response:

In the interview round applicants give your right answer because “the first impression is the last impression” so applicants give your best answer in the interview round.

The consensus of the coaches with whom I spoke:

In the interview round focus on what most interests the interviewer

In the interview round highlight your most important activities

Focus on What Interests the Interviewer

Candidates in the interview round if the interviewer put up this question then Tell Me Something About Yourself? Then applicants give to them those answer which will be listened by you not that answer which will give your bed impression to the interviewer so applicants follow this page and then prepare the answers to all questions.

Highlight Your Most Important Accomplishments

In the interview time, candidates need the highlight your strength and experience. Because your, strength is a very important in the interview round. According to Capo, the main thing in anything you do is to be memorable, in a good way. So applicants show your strength in the interview round.

And, Be Brief

In the interview round applicants gives your brief introduction to the interviewer with the confidence. Because your introduction is a first step for showing your attitude and your strength so applicants gives your brief answer to the interviewer.


Those candidates who will be going for the interview round and don’t do the good preparation for this so candidates get the help through this page and then give the best answer in the interview round and then get this job.

Best Answer for Jobs Interview

In the interview round applicants don’t be hesitate and don’t be over confident applicants be normal and give your answer in the limited words like we are update the example check this and then get idea about this. Candidates don’t forget don’t give the extrovert answers give only those answers which will be important for the interview.

Respected sir and my dear friend’s good morning to all of you.

Myself Anshul Tandon from Roorkee.

Regarding my academic qualifications,

- I am completed my from the Shobhit University.

Regarding my professional qualifications, 

- I have complete CCC from Aptech Haridwar.

Regarding my strength and weakness,

- My strength: I am a quick learner, confident, laborious ambitious and honest in work. 

- My weakness: I am shy, little emotional and kind.

Regarding my hobbies,

- l am loved to playing cricket, watching movies, listening music.

Finally, the aim of my life is to be a successful accountant.

As far as my family background is concerned, my father Mr. Rakesh Tandon is a bank Manager. Whereas my mom Mrs. Nikita Tandon is a homemaker. I have four siblings, three brothers, and one sister.

That's all about my introduction.

Thank you, listen to me.

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