Interview Preparation Tips for Fresher’s / Experienced

Interview Preparation Tips:

Everyone wants to grow up in the progress ladder. For this we may require a high paying job. To get it is not an easy task. To get a job in
To get a job in top company whether it is connected to Private or Government Sector we are providing you with Interview Preparation Tips. These will enhance your knowledge by which you will be able to face any type of interview.

Interview is nothing but an official meeting by which one or more Interviewer judges another person and also it may be last step for selection process. For giving an Interview You must prepare well the following Interview preparation Tips for Fresher’s/Experienced:

Some Interview Questions:

About you they may ask.

Why should you be hired?

How do you think about working nights and weekends?

Can you face pressure?

Are you willing to sift or travel?

Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.

Why do you want to work at our Firm?

Explain difference between confidence and over confidence?

Clarify Difference between hard work and smart work how will?

What are your aims?

What motivates you to do excellent job?

For what you get angry?

Explain how you would be an asset to this organization?

Have you thought of starting your own business?

Define success and how do you measure up to your own definition?

How much pay scale do you expect?

What are your remote interests?

You are ready to lie for the company?

Who inspired you in your life and why?

Tell some think about the toughest decision you ever had to make?

Give some example of your creativity.

How long will work for us if hired?

Are you overqualified for this position?

What are your career options right now?

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Do you want to ask any questions?

Preparation tips for interview round:

Importance to Plan:
You must plan out everything before going for an interview then only you will face it confidently. Read vacancy details, employer's literature - what they are and what they want.

Prepare About:
Read about the Company and applied profile and its duties and responsibilities,

Interview Preparation:
You must know your resume properly. 
Get ready to ask or to be asked. 
Rehearse your interview.

Interview Dressing:
  • Two-piece business suit (solid dark blue or grey is best) 
  • Long-sleeved shirt / blouse (white is best, light color is next best) 
  • Clean, polished formal shoes 
  • Groom your hair nicely 
  • No bulges or tinkling coins should be with you 
  • No cigarettes and chewing gum 
  • Light baggage 
  • Body piercing should not be visible

First Impression is Last Impression:

Arrive 15 minutes early. 
You must be cautious about your body language - handshake, posture, eye contact. 
Have a pleasant Smile on your face.

During Interview
  • You should be yourself 
  • Behave honestly 
  • Do not talk too much 
  • Freely ask question/clarifications 
  • Compile your answers with examples

When you leave from there thank interviewer for his/her time. Do learn from the experience - ask for feedback if necessary

All the Best

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