Last Minute Study Tips for Exam-How to prepare for Written Exam

Last Minute Study Tips for exam 

Are you searching for Last Minute Study Tips for Exam? Then you are on right place. This page contains valid information for you because the material about last minute tips is written after discussing with the experienced teachers.
Despite the problem of last minute, you can manage to get good marks. How this is possible let us explain. The most important thing is you must not have any fear about your exams. Think Positive. As the saying say’s “If You Think You Can, You Can”. For this kind of attitude, you must be organized so that you are confident on the day of the exam.

Make a proper schedule for Last minute exam preparation. The methods may be first you prepare your favorite subject/s than other so that you will get higher marks in some subjects and in others you will get more than passing marks which will help you in balance grade. You may also do it vice versa i.e. prepare tough subjects and lessons first and strong ones next. Remember you have very little time left now so allow the days or time for the subject accordingly.

To remembers what one reads its better you read in the night before going to bed and as soon as you get up early in the morning. This means not only learning night and early morning.

Whatever you learn or practice it is necessary for you to remember so that you must focus on understanding rather than mug up. But in the last minute study if you think you are unable to grasp the topic/s and it is important that we suggest you go for the mug up.

Self-control is very much required at this time of last minute study. So avoid wasting time on watching Television, social Medias like WhatsApp etc. It will not only help you utilizing your precious time on studies but also help you to remember what you study.

Rest is required for your best performance in your exam and for keeping you with good health. So take required rest. It will also improve your memory. 


You must know your syllabus accordingly must prepare for your Written Exams. You must prepare the latest and up to date material for your exams and exam pattern so that your time is not wasted on unnecessary material.

Doing revision before exams is essential part so, do not skip it. Before going for writing exams one must revise important concepts and formulae’s etc.

Apart from all the above details you must give sufficient rest to your hands before going for an exam. So you will be able to attempt all the questions. 

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