Top Reasons Why Are You Unemployment/Jobless

Why Are You Unemployment/Jobless

Top Reasons
Hi friend this page is regarding Top Reasons Why Are You Unemployed/Jobless. Thousands of young people cannot even find their first job—whether they have a college degree or not.
The average age of those who are already working and are trying to keep their jobs increases, and so it is more difficult for young people to get into the labor market. Even among women—who are more and more present in the labor market—there is a high rate of unemployment. Thus, an exceptionally large wave of new workers is now struggling to be absorbed.

Technical innovation:
From the time of the first industrial machines, technical innovation has reduced the need for workers. In the face of long grueling shifts, laborers hoped that machines would reduce work or even abolish it. Automation has increased production and has eliminated many dangers, but it has also reduced jobs. Those who become redundant risk long-term unemployment unless they learn new skills.

Economic recession:
We risk being submerged by an overabundance of commercial products. Some feel we have already reached the limits of growth. In addition, with fewer employed, there are fewer buyers. The market thus produces more than can be consumed. No longer economically viable, large plants built to handle expected increases in production are being closed down or converted. Trends like these reap victims—those who become unemployed. In economic recession, demand for workers diminishes, and jobs lost during recessions are hardly ever re-created during times of expansion. Clearly, unemployment has more than one cause.

Not pay enough:
One reason is that the jobs do not pay enough. The owner of an employment agency, who said that he had many jobs but no takers, explained: “People tell me, ‘How can you live on this kind of money? I get more on unemployment insurance and I don’t have to pay carfare and buy lunches.’” However, when unemployment benefits start running out, people will be forced to take such lower-paying jobs and adjust their life-style accordingly.

Hard Manual Jobs:

Pointing to another reason why certain jobs go begging, a youth in Boise, Idaho, said: “People just don’t want them. Most of them are hard manual jobs.” Also, some persons consider the available jobs demeaning, beneath their dignity.

Do Not Qualify:
Perhaps the major reason, though, the jobs go unfilled is that applicants do not qualify for them. A worker at a New York employment placement center noted that there were openings for skilled machinists, auto-body repairmen, auto mechanics, furniture finishers, glaziers and screw-machine operators. Another placement center representative said: “There are still shortages of secretaries, stenographers and bookkeepers.” 

You aren’t being Truthful:

You change some things on your resume. Significant error- all boss, check your college copies or call your past employers. So don’t put yourself in this position by lying to a potential employer. It’s kind of obvious, isn’t it?

Networking Skills:
Today all most all jobs are found via internet. Your reluctance to talk to real people will dramatically decrease your opportunities in finding a job. When you answer to general job ads from home on your computer, the job seekers are start calling you asking for jobs, you should be checking out job fairs, and trying up every connection they have for open positions.

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