Written Exam Preparation Tips/Tricks, Shortcut Method of Study

Written Exam Preparation Tips/Tricks

We are back with an answer the question How to Prepare For Written Exam?. Written Examinations are becoming more competitive day by day and also becoming a scoring task to qualify.
If you are going to appear for a written examination, then you must know that How to go about Preparing for written exam. You must remember all Subjects have equal weight in the exam so you should focus on every paper.

In this web page, we are suggesting you with some very important Tips and Tricks which will definitely improve the way you study and will surely help you to get best marks in any written examination. Let’s go through the points mentioned below:

Study Material:

You must have good study material with the fresh and updated one. The selection of books is a very vital role in preparation. Make sure that the book contains the contents according to the recent exam pattern and syllabus.

Know Exam Pattern:
Every institution prepares a specified exam pattern for every exam. You must know how many questions will be asked, how many sections, the time duration, is there a provision of negative marketing? Exam Pattern will tell everything which you need to know.

Revision is Important:
As humans, we tend to forget and this is a dangerous thing for the examinee. To avoid this, the revision is a must. You should revise all important chapters/definitions /concepts/formulas/and chapters in every short interval during the preparation.

Your Own Notes:
You must prepare notes for yourself than you have the prepared material in your own language. Your own language means you will understand everything easily whenever you revise. These will boost your memory.

The experts know everything including what is new in the upcoming examination. And they teach according to the latest Syllabus. Therefore you must take guidance from an expert. You can also solve previous years question papers.

During Written Exam:

  • You should follow the entire instructions carefully given in the question paper. 
  • Go for the easy ones first. Don’t waste time on the question for which you are confused. You may try it in the last.
  • Keep cool and belief in your preparation.
  • We hope the entire information provided above will help for a written exam. 
  • Click to know the shortcut Method of Study

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